672 Wipe his posterior!

23rd Sep 2022, 3:00 AM in MAP: The Brethren Court
672 Wipe his posterior!
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ElephantKnight 23rd Sep 2022, 3:00 AM
When I was wee lad naming the fig Rump, I thought it was a cool, bad guy name. Later on I realized it was an actual word with an actual meaning that was, well, less than menacing. But now it means I can write things like "Time to wipe Rumps ass!",


eekee 23rd Sep 2022, 5:33 AM
This Power of the Fourth is terrifying; Rump sufferes a fate worse than death! lol

I figured Rump was a name a little kid would choose. Perhaps he will become the butt of many jokes.
Sorry, I couldn't resist! ^.^;