These comic pages are not part of any chapter

The Beginning

The start of the epic journey

The Tournament

The Christmas Tournament, where minifigs form every theme compete for supremesy!

The Castle Lands

Where Edward and Ricks enter the Castle realm


A band of marooned piratea are sent to rescue Edward and Ricks


Edward and Ricks investigate a mysterious crash.

MAP; The Gathering

MAP has gathered together to discuss thier origins, but things take a turn for the worse when all but Von Sea mysteriously vanish!

The Skulls Eye Schooner

On their way back to Hurricane Bay, Edward and Ricks run into some trouble!

People of Hurricane Bay

Where Edward and Ricks meet with some of the locals.

The Destruction of the Quick Sprint

Ricks gets a friend, and Edward looses his ship.

MAP The Relics.

After gathering as many people as he can, Von Sea heads to a secret island to collect soem special artifacts to aid him.

Port Kessel.

Where Edward and Ricks take Hannahlore to her home in Port Kessel.

Journey to Townland

Edward, Ricks, and Hannahlore undertake the long and perilous journey to the far off Townlands

The Doldrums

The Quick Sprint and it's crew are becalmed. Nothing can happen, right?

Monster Island

Where Edward, Ricks, Hannahlore, and Melvin resupply on a dangerous island, full of monstrous monsters!

MAP: The Brethren Court

Defeated, Von Sea and a couple other survivors retreat to the islands, but a new pirate enteres the scene, and Von Sea takes a journey down a sea he hasn't sailed in many years.

Arrival in Townland

Edward, Ricks, and Hannalore, finally arrive at the home of Melvin.

Death on the Liki Island.

Edward, Ricks, and Hannalore get caught up in the affairs, and they come face to face with Death!