M.A.P. Characters

The eleven members of M.A.P., or Marooned, And Pirate!

Von Sea is not technically the leader of MAP, but everyone follows his orders anyways, as he is basically the founder of MAP

Captain Big ben is the technical leader of MAP, but that's just cause he has the biggest island. and a captain's hat. The hat goes a long ways.

Tiny Tim is called Tiny Tim cause his island is tiny, and his name is Tim. Is jealous of everyone, for he is the only MAP member without a flag.

Von Drove is technically not marooned anymore, as he escaped his island long ago, but since he has the lousiest sense of direction, he just follows the rest of MAP around.

Flint Locke is the closest thing to a Pirate/hippie as you will find. He loves peace and animals, but his older brothers of Bullets and Pistols rubbed off on him. So he likes to enforce love and peace with his flintlock.

Jack Powder ain't got jack when it comes to powder. Which means he is rather uselss, as he has a canon, musket, and pistol. He has jack in the way of bullets, too.

Mack Powder doesn't carry treasure in his chest. he has his brother's powder. And ammo. The monkey's name is Wilson

Lando Solo can only say two words, and those are LAND and HO, exlusively in that order.

Han Calrissian is the only one who can understand Lando's peculiar way of speaking. Don't ask what's in his chest.

Burt Treasure loves his partly buried treasure. he keeps burying and unburying it. I guess he just loves digging. the monkey doesn't help with the burying. Only the unburying.

Vawn See is an enigma. No one knows his backstory. He just showed up one day.

George Newton is only a probationary member of map, due to his supply of rum.

Dawn Sea is the brother of Von Sea and is tasked with guarding the Relics.

Pillets is here to simply keep Dawn Sea from going crazy. Only partly succesful.