Old Figs

These are the thirty Old Figs. Some we have met. Some we have not.


1 Von Sea.

Set: 1464 Pirate Lookout.

The first Old Fig. Von Sea is a marooned pirate. He used to be part of Black Eye's crew (We think) but after the Loopin Incident, he was banished to a tiny island. thankfully, it's a magic island with a magic barrel. After many years alone and going crazy, he formed M.A.P after meeting Flint Locke. After the disapearance of M.A.P. he has gone on to gather Old Figs willing to help, in order to save his crew.


2 The Soldier.

Set: 6252 Sea Mates.

The only unchanged Old Fig from Sea Mates, the second set. A quieter fellow, but not to be underestimated. Sails with Admiral Gerard most of the time


3 Admiral Gerard

Set: 6252 Sea Mates

Admiral Gerard, the Highest Admiral in the Imperial fleet. The most respected minifig.


4 Captain Black Eye

Set: 6252 Sea Mates

The most feared Pirate captain out there. Briefly was under the command of Captain Har Har, but after a power struggle, took command of the Cross Bone Clipper, Har Har's ship, and has risen in power ever since.


5 Mark Lemiux

Set: 6252 Sea Mates

Loyal first mate to Black Eye


6 Admiral Anton Spyria

Set: 1843 Space/Castle Value Pack

Leader of the Spyrius nation. Mostly keeps to his planet. Won the 2002 Christmas Tournament.


7 Sir Alexander (The Axeman) and 8 Orson the Oarsman

Set: 1843 Space/Castle Value Pack and 1804 Crossbow Boat

Sir Alexander is a knight in the Royal Knight Kingdom He won the 2013 Christmas Tournament. Oarson is a loyal soldier in his shadow.


9 Mr. Freestyle

Set: 4157 Trial Sized Freestyle

After jumping from job to job, Mr Freestyle finally settled down as the full time judge in the annual Christmas Tournaments. Doesn't have much respect from his peers, due to his timid nature.


10 Gerald 'Greeny' Smith

Set: 6490 Amazon Crossing

The toughest Liki Islander you will ever meet. A bit of a recluse these days, he prefers to stay in the company of crocodiles. Was in the 2015 Crossover Championship. Missing ever since


11 Colonol Anthony

Set: 6716 Covered Wagon

A colonol in the Wild West. An all around good guy and willing to fight the good fight.


12 Grey Bart

Set: 6791 Bandit's Wheel Gun

A bandit and arch nemisis of Colonol Anthony. An all around bad guy who will fight the bad fight.


13 Girardi Octan

Set: 6546 Slick Racer

A world renown racer. Doesn't like to acknowledge his small town roots anymore. May be under the influence of Rump. 


14 Robert Smith (Mr diver), 15 Diver Anthony Splash, and 16 Diver Gerard Smith

Set: 6556 Shark Cage Cove

Collectively known as the Divers, these guys like to explore the ocean. The occasionally run into Von Sea, but only when they get lost. One of these guys holds a dark secret....


17 Jock Clouseou

Set: 6104 Aquacessories

The sour Aquanaut. Knows the Aquasharks are cooler, and hates it.


18 Ned Cook (No Hooky)

Set: 6104 Aquacessories

The slightly dimwitted Aquashark. Used to have a hook, but it was cut off and he replaced it with a hand. Wait, what?


19 Thresher 

Set: 6135 Spy Shark

An officer in the Aquashark Army.


20 Johnny Thunder

Set: 5918 Scorpion Tracker

Leader of the small Adventurers group. Won the 2003 Christmas Tournament.


21. Baron von Baron

Set: 5928 Bi-wing Baron

Tresure hunter. always foiling Johnny Thunder, and getting foiled in return.


22 Dr. Cyber, 23 Dimmard Explorer, 24 The Crankbot, and 25 Skell E. Ton.

Set: 6494 Mystic Mountain Time Lab

The Time Cruisers. Dr Cyber, the inventor of the Hypno Disk and thus limited and finicky time travel. Dimmard, or Dim is his assistant. The Crankbot is a robot they rebuilt from the Exploriens. Skell E. Ton is a skelleton that talks and walks.


26 Rump

Set: 6028 Treasure Guard

A Fright Knight who is more than he seems


27 Dr. Freestyle

Set: 2884 Microlight

The semi-retired Doctor and former mayor of Gerton.


28 Red Pants

Set: 6250 Cross Bone Clipper

Former first mate to Har Har, now the quartermaster to Black Eye.


29 Felicity 'Flimsy' Horshwaddle

Set: 6250 Cross Bone Clipper

Loyal crew and 2nd mate to Black Eye. The only female Old Fig.


30 Har Har.

Set: 6250 Cross Bone Clipper

Former great pirate captain. Now a drunken bum. Still sails on the Cross Bone Clipper, even though the ship stays at port the whole time.